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Cascade Productions Commercial production packages cover a very wide variety of possibilities. Whether you're needing a :30 spot to promote your business on your local cable channel or you desire a full blown infomercial style presentation showcasing your products or services, Cascade can help.

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In this technological day and age, video has become the most effective means of communicating information to your customers. This is exactly what our corporate/commercial packages are all about, promoting your company and helping it to prosper in today's marketplace. It's no secret that TV has become the number one way to reach your target audience. Why else would companies spend millions on one 30 second commercial during the Superbowl. We're not suggestiong that type of advertising campaign, but why not capitalize on your local cable channel's ability to target customers in your area?

Success in today's economy can be difficult for sure. Through the use of video we can not only make an impact on your customers, but your employees as well. Customer service has been rated among the highest reasons that a customer will return. Proper training of employees is essential to establish high levels of customer satisfaction. Educating your employees on company policy, procedures and of course, how to treat the customer, can be easily and effectivley done through video. Video allows you to not only tell them, but show the real world examples of what's expected and makes a far stronger lasting impression than just reading a company handbook.

Let Casscade Productions be your first choice for video production aimed squarely at helping your company succeed.

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