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Video Equipment-
2 Sony DSR-PD 150 Cameras
Sony DSR-20 Deck
Sony PVU-N6U Monitor
Canopus RES 100 Non-Linear Editing workstation
3-Manfrotto 3046 tripods w/501 fluid heads
2-Samson UM-32 wireless lav mics
2-H-32 handheld wireless mics
2-Cool-Lux Mini-Cool camera lights
Juice Drops JumpBack Library
VCR's, DVD's and other misc.

Audio Equipment-

2 - Mackie HDR 24/96
Alesis A-DAT XT-20
Otari MX-5050 1/4" 2 track @ 7.5 or 15 IPS
Panasonic SV-3700 R-DAT
Tascam DA-30 R-DAT
Tascam 112 Cassette Deck

Mixing Console:
Mackie D8B
Mackie 1202VLZ (for remote location tracking)
Mackie 3204 (studio B line mixer)

Digital Workstation:
1.2Ghz CPU w/60 Gig HDD RME 24/96 Digital in/out card
PentiumII 233MHz CPU w/9Gig SCSI
Antares Auto tune real time plug in for D8B
Sound Forge 8.0
Sonic Foundry CD architech and noise reduction

1 Neuman U-87a
2 Neuman KM-184's
1 Octava MK-319
2 AKG D-112's
2 Audio Tehcnica 4031's
1 SennheiserMD-441
5 Sennheiser MD-421's
1 EV PL-20
3 Shure SM-57's
1 OKtava MK-319
3 Beyer M-500's
2 Beyer M-201's
1 EV 664

Outboard Effects:
Lexicon PCM-91
Alesis Q-20
Lexicon LXP-1 digital reverb
Lexicon LXP-5 multi effects
Lexicon MRC midi controller
Alesis Q2 multi effects
Yamaha REV-7 digital reverb
Roland Dimension D stereo chorus
2 - Alesis Quadraverb+ multi effects
Alesis Midiverb II Digital effects

Outboard Signal Processing:
Telefunken Stereo V-72 Tube mic pre
TC Electronics Finalizer
ART Pro MPA Tube mic pre
Behringer Pre Q Mic-Pre
(2) DBX 902 De-Essers
DBX 903 Compressor
DBX 904 Gate
Aphex 9651 Compressor
Art VLA PRO Tube compressor
Drawmer DL-251 Spectral Compressor
DBX 160XT compressor
Behringer MDX-2100 compressor's
Aphex 109 Parametric EQ
BBE 862a Sonic Maximizer

UREI 813-C Time Allinged
Tannoy System 10 DMT
Tannoy PBM-8
Auratone 5-C
Furman HD-6 Headphone Mixing System

Instruments / Midi:
Alesis DM Pro drum module
Alesis Nano Piano
Alesis D-4 drum module
Hammond 21H Leslie
Trek II UC-1a Leslie controller
Pearl Customized MX series 8pc. drum kit
Misc. percussion devices

Power Amplifiers:
Crest FA-601
Bi-Amp 2400
Bi-Amp XA-100
Furman HA-6

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